Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zombies Love You For Your Brains 2

Not-So-Fresh Zombie Pin

The Not-So-Fresh Zombie is pissed. You would be too if you had gone through the shock, denial, sadness and fear of being turned. On the up side, being undead he doesn't have the capacity to worry over the guilt part, right? Unless of course someone comes up with the cure for zombie-ism, then he's screwed. But we all know that won't happen anytime soon. So grab your shotgun and watch out for the teeth! Although you don't have to worry about these little guys... too much.

I'm not responsible for any hypothetical zombie outbreaks!

♦ apx 4" tall
♦ cut in detail, layered, sewn & painted all by hand
♦ they are made one at a time, each one is unique

♦ Comes in it's very own Black Cotton Body Bag which can double as a tissue pouch when not occupied by the zombie, of course.


If you'd like a Zombie with a little less angst check out the Freshly Dead Zombie Pin here.


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