Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LushPunk's Custom Zombie Head Bag, Magnetic Snaps + My New Favorite Toy

So my team mate & buddy LuskPunk asks if I can make a her a Zombie Head Messenger Bag. Can *I* make a Zombie Messenger Bag?! Sure, why not, I say. Then she says, can you put a snap on it. Oh yeah, snaps are a breeze. A magnetic snap, she says. Oh, hmm. I, uh... sure?

I took it as a challenge. Mind you, I've never used these things before now, they do not come with instructions and it involves math *shudder*. The math part's not really that bad just be sure to double/triple check your markings before you start cutting! Once those slots are cut in the fabric for the prongs on the back of the magnetic snaps there's no turning back (You'll see what I mean later). This is where my new favorite toy comes in, a handy dandy yet very simple slide ruler!


I knew they existed but never thought to pick one up until now. I'm glad I did. It's a lot easier than trying to use a soft tape measure by far and definitely easier to wield than one of my 16" or 24" rulers! Yes, as I keep saying, I'm amused by the oddest things.

So somewhere in the middle of this project I had this wee mess going:


The Zombie Head is all hand cut felt and the eyes & bloody mouth are sewn onto the head by hand. I then edged stitched it to a Flap piece with my trusty ole Pfaff 360 in a bright red thread. The above pic was as far as I could get before having to set the snap halves but unfortunately I had to wait a couple days because I couldn't find the locally. At a reasonable price anyway. Don't bother with Michael's is all I'll say on that. I wound up ordering the magnetic snaps from CraftsEtc along with some other supplies I needed.


More to come later!


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