Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Part 2 - LushPunk's Custom Zombie Head Bag, Magnetic Snaps

Something you don't get to see in most of my pics are the interior pockets which can be seen here on the left since the lining is inside out. The outer half of the flap is on the right with the hand stitched Zombie Head applique waiting to be edge stitched.



And here's a close up of the Zombie Head after I finished edge stitching:


Once that was done I got ready to measure, measure, measure for the snap. I work it out on paper first then I transfer it all to the fabric in chalk. I'll even pin everything together, and take it apart again, to be sure it's all where it needs to be. Yes it's a bit anal but you can't unpick & redo stitches on vinyl because it will start to tear.

As I mentioned before, the magnetic snap request was something new to me so rather than trying to reinvent the wheel I hunted the interwebs and found Primrose Corner's blog. She has some great tips on how to install them. The only thing I did different from her description is that I recycled some leftover canvas as backing & cover for the snap parts and I used fabric glue instead of stitching. The reason I passed on the stitching around the snap is because too many holes tends to weaken the vinyl and around the snaps will be a stress area with all the opening and closing. But it's definitely a nice touch on any other fabric!


Next post will be of the completed bag... ooh aah.


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