Monday, June 1, 2009

The Super Kawaii Happy Maneki Neko May Giveaway Winner Is...

Yatta! Happy Fun Time Go!...

Are you fogging your screen yet? Or do you just think I've lost my mind? Mhmm thought so.

Oh, just hold your horses...

Okay, okay, fine I will tell you... It's... it's...


SWStitchery, The Redding Shift, DarkSideSoap & EtsyDarkTeam goodies are going to Slovakia! Hmm I wonder if I can find a box big enough for me to fit into?

Congrats, Ľubaša!

Please check your email & reply soon, I'd hate to have to draw a new name :(

Thanks to everyone who entered and don't forget as the big holidays get close I may be doing "mystery drawings" so you may see your name in stars yet :)

And, because my 1 year wedding anniversary was yesterday & I'm in an awesome mood, Kiddo47 gets a Batling for her mad Tweetness! Thanks for the help doll!


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