Monday, June 8, 2009

Scrap Bats™ - Incencio OOAK

A new Scrap Bat™! I know, it's been forever and I am trying to work on some more. Really I am... Oh look! He is cute and fuzzy and stripy, what more could you need in an awesome Bat doll?

Incencio says his momma is a Honduran White Bat & his daddy is a Striped-Faced Fruit Bat that likes to wear pinstripes but I'm not sure what I believe. Regardless he's pretty darn cute!

♦ He has one ornate Bronze toned button eye and the other is a mottled Green Mookiate Jasper bead.
♦ His face is hand embroidered and the wings are also attached by hand.
♦ He comes with a signed hang tag.
♦ Height: Approximately 5" tall
♦ Wing Span: Approximately 11.5"


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