Friday, March 1, 2013

Create 365 - Day 51 & 52

I'm back, batlings! The last few days have been... something. I'm still not 100% but definitely feeling functional, so to pick up where I left off in my 365, here is the proof:

Day 51 (Feb 28th)

Greyson Zoolander Derptastic the Third is not sure what he thinks of our newest kitty. Grumpy Kitten obviously could care less. [NFS, mine!]

Day 52 (Mar 1st)

Yes, another Grumpy Kitten Plush! This one was feeling a bit sullen and decided to have a lie-down. Still, isn't she adorable with her hand stitched face and giant kittenish ears? She is approximately 10" tall (ears to toes) with a 7" arm span.

She's already reserved but I'll be making more so keep your pantaloons on. I've got custom orders that have been waiting for me to get well enough to finish them. Those come first.


Not sure how people who do a continuous, unbroken 365 manage it. Life just loves to throw random monkey wrenches into the works. But, this is my 365, with my "rules", so I'm just going to keep on keeping on!

xx ~Static


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