Thursday, March 14, 2013

Create 365 - Day 65

Here are the finished tiebacks for the curtains. Same fabric as the chairs on the outside and solid black cotton on the inside. Since they'll be hanging next to the chair rail (the molding that runs along the wall about 3ft up from the floor) I echoed the shape with a waved bottom edge.


I'm happy that you don't see that center seam unless you're looking for it, especially once it's wrapped around the curtain. I did go all out and edge stitch them even though they pressed sharply. I also hand stitched/wrapped the loops that will go over the hooks instead of stitching on plastic rings. Now to just coax the hubby into put the hooks in the wall for me :D .

If you are wanting to make your own tiebacks here's a good explanation on how to measure them out.

xx ~Static


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