Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Baker's Dozen of Batlings!

Thirteen bats later and I've finished the first batch of Batlings:

I've had a lot of requests for Mini Scrap Bats. Well these little cuties are inspired by my full sized Scrap Bats but are only about the size of a large crab apple and completely hand stitched!

♦ just over 2.5" Tall
♦ 4" Wide at the wings

Pin the Batlings to your bag or lapel to keep you company and give you a smile whenever you need one. The Batlings are very playful and absolutely adorable. Some have 2 teeth in already and others only have 1, they are only babes after all. The Blue & White sweetie (at the front of the pic) got his bottom teeth before his top so his got a bit of an underbite. He doesn't mind, just don't laugh or might get nipped! Besides it's just not polite and we like the Batlings to have some manners.

A quick note about the Yellow and Green Batlings on the left, they are brothers. As brother they have a sibling rivalry going... one loves old school Batman where the other loves the Joker. *Sigh* When those 2 start tiffing hide the breakables! What can you do, right? Batlings will be Batlings.

All work is lovingly done by hand so each Batling has slightly different expressions which lends to their uniqueness.

All are listed but 2, that have already been spoken for, and are here.

And you can even order a custom Batling here! I don't bite much and I love creating so don't be afraid to ask for custom items♥


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