Friday, April 10, 2009

For My Sister, The Diva

The best gifts are from the heart. And handmade!

First, my sis loves sunflowers so I whipped up this hair clip. It's made of 5 layers of hand stitched Felt, 6" at it's widest and attached to a 4" wide hair clip.


Then I made her something every Diva needs, a capelet/stole!


Super soft, textured faux fur in pale Pink (because she's my polar opposite) with a quilted-look Gunmetal/Silver lining and Art Deco buttons. And, it can be reversed.

She just received the package this afternoon and in a it-was-meant-to-be-perfect-timing sort of way she needed something Pink for an event tonight!


Happy (belated) birthday, Sis!

♥ "Big" Sis


Special Note: Thank you, BellaLili for the Minky (faux fur)! I'm breaking out in hives from the color but the lushness of it fixes all ;)


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