Wednesday, April 29, 2009

EtsyDarkTeam - for the Men!

We do have men on the EtsyDarkTeam, even if they are out numbered about 20 to 1, lucky devils! And the women on the team know how to dress their men right. Here are some of my favorites. Oh and I'm not saying wear this all at once! It's just some lovely choices for our handsome men.

First we need to hose 'em down and scrub 'em up with My Goodness, It's Guineshhhh. 

This soap is made by one of our elusive men of the team, DarkSideSoap. Not only will our guys be happy it's made with "Guinneshhhh" but we'll be happy because our men won't stink after a hard day of work (or playing video games).

Next, we can give that plain black tee & jeans that little extra dark spark with the Rib Cage necklace from KatzKlawz.

Or maybe you need to dress things up a bit to woo ye a wench maiden? Pair a Pirate style coat from Black Water Apparel with a Tie Tack from Insectus.


And, how about this hypnotic Bird's Eye View ring from 19Moons for any day of the week.


That's all for now, more later!

xx ~Static


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