Friday, April 3, 2009

Never Trust A Cat With Extra Eyeballs

How funny is hearing someone yell, "The little bastard stole an Eyeball and he's trying to eat it! Ugh, help me get him would you?"

Well my hubby wasn't too thrilled with be woken up from a couch crash for such escapades but the darling that he is he did help me get the Eyeball back.

Ok see, I have a large cookie tin filled with embroidery thread. I had it open since I was working on some hand stitched Coasters with already cut felt along with some smaller completed eyeballs for tissue covers, etc sitting on top for easy transport (I often wander from my sewing room to the livingroom). I left it unattended for 2 minutes to grab my cell phone and walk back into our livingroom to see our boy cat with one of the small completed Eyeballs hanging from his mouth by the thread ocular cord! Which amazes me since it was inside a partially closed plastic zip bag. He somehow managed to pull out just one little Eyeball and then proceeded to try and eat it - felt, embroidery thread and all. I had to chase him through the apartment and lift the bed while the hubbers dragged him out to get it back. What mischief if this cat had thumbs!!

This all brings me to what I was working on before being rudely interrupted by one naughty kitty, Eyeball Coasters! Vampire Eyeball Coaster to be more precise.


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