Friday, May 15, 2009


And, package #4 of my UnBirthday was my 1" button order from MinePress. I received them in just under 2 weeks, she was very helpful and my pins look great! The price was pretty sweet to boot. I almost didn't write about her because I want to keep her all to myself *muhuhahaha*. I decided to play nice and share. For now.

Sorry the light blips out 1/2 of the Muirne Scrap Bat pin on the far right but you get the general idea ;) This is what I'll be sending out soon for my belated promo swaps at minimum: 4 Note/Postcards, 4 EtsyDarkTeam cards, 4 Static White's Stitchery cards with one of each pin attached, 10pcs recycled paper Bat-fetti.


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