Sunday, May 17, 2009

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Did you know you can have 364 days worth of UnBirthdays? I'm on an UnBirthday streak apparently because I got a lovely piece of art from Sneddonia in the form of a beaded copper wire bat:


That's going right in my workroom window! It got here pretty quick too (UK to US). She also sent me some business card held together with a wire bow. Nice touch.


As for DarkSideSoap, let me tell you, these soaps smell delicious! Almost good enough to eat! Which I really wouldn't suggest unless you want flashbacks of getting your mouth washed out for talking back to your momma or granny. Uh yeah. So! DarkSideSoap was kind of enough to send me some off-cut soaps to sample or giveaway. Well I'm definitely keeping his latest soap, Spellbound Woods (yum!), but there are 3 others which I've decided to share. Or at least one of them anyway LOL Yes, they're that good! So keep reading and watch for DarkSideSoap. You'll be missing out if you don't.


Oh and the books I ordered should be here soon (Yeah, I'm a big bookworm). I'm have a great UnBirthday week!


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