Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review: SacredOak.Etsy.com

You might remember a while back I won first place in the Etsy Dark Team's design contest for business cards and 3rd place for flyers. Well one of my prizes was from SacredOak! Not only did I get to chose my favorite color, red, but I also got to choose a couple of my favorite scents, Rain & Night Queen. I received a red Rain scented candle, a bar of red Night Queen soap, 2 Rain sea salts, Dragon's Blood sea salts, Black Opium sea salts & a specially blended bath tea.

As you can see there's more than just the scents I chose and I'm glad there are, it all smells wonderful! Also SacredOak was so understanding of my allergies and made a wonder bath tea for me that I can't wait to try. It's even labeled "Maya's Special Bath Tea"! So sweet.

The package was sent Priority so it got here super quick (much faster than my review by far. Bad, Static!) and everything was wonderfully packaged and well secured. SacredOak's shop is a definite must for any browse & buy day!



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