Monday, May 25, 2009

Static's Sanity, Or Lack There Of

I'm one of those people that even if I'm physically stationary my mind is in over-drive most of the time. Sometimes it can annoy even me how I bounce from one thing to the next and back again but I manage to get everything done (mostly LOL). It definitely comes in handy for admin though! I have a workroom but I hog the living room table on a regular basis so I can be near my laptop which is no longer exactly portable since the battery died (propped up with Stephen King for improved air circulation!). My workroom is a million times better than the 3ft x 3ft corner I had in our last place. It's a kitty-free zone used for machine sewing, draping, laying patterns on the floor without "help" from the fuzzybutts and storing all my fabric, patterns, books and finished goodies.


But hand sewing, small/detail work all gets done on our little glass living room table. Besides if the hubbers is home I'd rather hang with him then be locked away in a workroom anyway.


Oh did I mention that it makes a great light table with just a wee lamp under it? Oh yeah.


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