Thursday, May 14, 2009


Package #2 of my UnBirthday (yes, I've decided it was my UnBirthday) was from MrsEvils. She had a haiku contest which I didn't win but she was sweet enough to send goodies out to everyone!

My haiku, you ask? Well alright since you asked so sweetly...

My zombies eat fluff
Sock monkeys are disturbing
I know I am strange

I had to chuckle about the pocket mirror since I had just sent out a package to her that, unbeknownst to her, had my one and only Scrap Bat pocket mirror! I love MrsEvils' promo, it coordinates perfectly and is so very much her.

The brain soap is by the way of AgonysDecay. Mmmm brains. And there are actually multiples of the cards & magnets because this was also a promo swap, so I can share the love!


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